Lango Indigenous Hip-hop

Hip-Hop Projects


The Hip Hop Appreciation Week

The Hip Hop Appreciation Week (HHAW) begins every third week in May as a time to acknowledge and appreciate the actual existence of Hip Hop itself. During this time, Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop organises community outreach activities for practitioners of the different elements of Hip Hop to engage in a joint community project. Stay tuned to our next community engagement during the HHAW 2022.


Hip-Hop and Agriculture

Since 2019, Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop has been involved together with the Makerere University Soybean Breeders in using music and the arts as an outreach tool to promote soybeans varieties and the GAPs in Acholi and Lango sub-Regions. We produced a soybean song (Available at: which was used to launch a new bean variety (MAKSOY 6N), and the newly established soybean facilities at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute Kabanyolo (Details: A song was also produced in the Bantu languages ( to target the farmers in the central and Eastern regions of Uganda. This is project explores the roles that Indigenous Hip-Hop play in disseminating agricultural development information.


Lets Talk Youth Program

LET’s TALK is a youth program designed by Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop and ACSET Uganda with consultation from different stakeholders including District Community Development Department, Education Department, schools and other non-governmental organizations. The program is designed to instigate the sense of responsibility, career guidance, skills and motivation among youth to improve on their wellbeing, academic excellence, job search and placement, leadership as well as future opportunities in regards to their livelihoods. The program organizes two seminars every month, conducted at Lira District Council Hall and other chosen venue to train, mentor, guide and motivate youth in areas of academics, scholarship, job search and placement, social life, leadership, Livelihood opportunities among others that will be determined by the youth themselves.


Movie Project

ABO Entertainment in partnership with Lango indigenous Hip-Hop, Action for Child Social and Economic Transformation (ACSET) Uganda are producing a movie entitled “FRANKA’s HEART”. The movie addresses the challenges that impede the achievement of the 90-90-90 targets with plays deliberately targeting stigma and discrimination against People Living with HIV (PLHIV). The first part of the FRANKA’s HEART was played primarily to: Educate the mass on the myths about PLHIV, Encourage supportive disclosure among PLHIV, foster adherence to treatment, Contribute to reducing stigma and discrimination and the negative effects among PLHIV through creating more awareness with accurate and relevant knowledge on HIV/AIDS and the PLHIV, and working with the existing PLHIV networks in Lira district to support PLHIV. The full movie FRANKA’s HEART part I can be found here: We are currently producing the FRANKA’s HEART Part II, a play that is contributing to reducing stigma and discrimination against PLHIV and meeting the targets associated with the 90-90-90 targets.


Hip-Hop Contest

Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop organizes Lango Flow rap contests annually. This is in observance of the responsibility of Hip-Hop builders to organize platforms including regular Hip-Hop bootcamps and events for youngsters in all elements of Hip-hop namely, Emceeing/Rapping, DJ-ing, Beatboxing - using local knowledge, art, fashion, stories, poetry and Local Languages as powerful ways of expressing themselves.