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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop strives to build a generation of youths making the most of Hip-Hop as a cultural tool to educate, motivate and to lead our people and facilitating youth and community development.


A powerful youth generation that is not limited by imagination or self-expression, rising to make a positive difference in our global society.

Core Values

  • PEACE: We all strive for peace and not to complicate our lives, or the lives of others.
  • LOVE: We understand that Love or, at least, simple kindness always makes daily living easier. Sometimes it may seem awkward, but it’s important to tell those people that you care about them and that you love them. We never know when we may get another chance to do so.
  • UNITY: Within our families, circles of friends, associates, churches, communities, organizations – an understanding of unity is essential. How many times have you heard, “Those people are unified, that’s why they get things done.” There are people among us who share similar goals as we do. Even if personalities clash, the concept of unity should always be practiced. When there’s a common goal in mind, it overrides any one person. Actions – not just words.
  • HAVING FUN: Enjoying ourselves is one humanity’s deepest needs. When it’s done with others and is safe – it heightens the joy and has several positive health effects.
  • RESPECT: We all want it. And we should give it. The question: are we doing all we can to get it and receive it? Everyone deserves common respect as a human being. Respect is a two-way street.

Our Team

Dealrafael Jsp-E (Jaspher Ewany)

Founder & Executive Director

Semmy Arao Amanda

Hip-Hop Activist & Archivist

B'ffal (Aka Odomoch Brenda)

Indigenous Hip-Hop Practitioner

Treasure Reigns (Owani Peter)

Indigenous Hip-Hop Practitioner/Rapper

Hip-Hop Projects

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The Hip Hop Appreciation Week

The Hip Hop Appreciation Week (HHAW) begins every third week in May as a time to acknowledge and appreciate the actual existence of ....


Hip-Hop and Agriculture

Since 2019, Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop has been involved together with the Makerere University Soybean Breeders in using music and the arts as an outreach tool ...


Lets Talk Youth Program

LET’s TALK is a youth program designed by Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop and ACSET Uganda with consultation from different stakeholders including ...

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Movie Project

ABO Entertainment in partnership with Lango indigenous Hip-Hop, Action for Child Social and Economic Transformation (ACSET) Uganda are ...

Recent Music

PreservingThe Peoples Culture With Music.

Luga flow(Lango flow)

By Dealrafael Jsp-E
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By Ory Jeino Ft Dealrafael Jsp-E
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It would be a great pleasure to have you in our team, follow these steps to join us.



Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop organizes training including regular Hip-Hop bootcamps and events for young creatives in all elements of Hip-hop to access important knowledge enable them make the most of Hip-Hop as a cultural tool to educate, motivate and become leaders of their own community.



Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop organizes Lango Flow rap contests annually. This is part of a movement to ensure all rappers in the different districts of the Lango sub region start to appreciate the self-value of their own Identity through self-expression in the local language and become part of the indigenous Hip-Hop practitioners who are impacting their community using the “Mic power”.



Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop welcomes all individuals who are willing to train and elaborate their knowledge in Hip-Hop and with a passion to contribute to our Indigenous Hip-Hop Projects (IHHPs).



Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop signed a memorandum of understanding with Magic Filmz Uganda

Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop is delighted to sign an MoU with Magic Filmz Uganda on a joint project that is utilising the power of the Arts and culture to tackle the problems faced by people living with ...


Dealrafael Jsp-E and other young leaders deliver at the World Youth Forum

World Youth Forum is an international NGO founded in 2017 based in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. WYF's statement message is "sending a message of peace, prosperity, harmony, and progress from the youth to the entire world".


Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop calls for the streamlining of Hip-Hop through collaborations

Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop has partnered with City Beats Records - Apac, a recording studio located in Apac district and managed by a renowned producer, 2 years Pelare ...


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Lango Indigenous Hip-Hop
Senior Quarters “B”, Plot 20, Erute Road, Lira city East Division
Lira City Uganda

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